Want to Volunteer?

Interested in Volunteering at the Bike Shed?

Great, we'd love to have your help.

I don't know much, can I still help out?

Yes you can. With even just basic tool skills you can help many people, and if you like working with people we can help you learn to work with bikes.

Advantages of Volunteering

There are many advantages to volunteering at the shed.

Where do I start?

The process to volunteer is:

How do I become a regular volunteer?

If you enjoy volunteering and turn up regularly, we will ask that you come to a committee meeting and meet the committee members. If the committee thinks you would benefit from some training, they will arrange for an appropriate training course for you.

What do I need to know?

The key things you need to know are:

We also suggest all new volunteers familiarise themselves with all the information on this website.


Most tools are either hanging on the board or sitting on bench, but delicate tools are kept in the locked drawers. Speak to one of the regular volunteers if you need help find a certain tool.

Please be careful with our tools and ask about using tools that you aren't familiar with. Some tools are easily damaged when used improperly.

A few basics tool instructions:


Fixing bikes can be hazardous, when you're volunteering please keep these safety tips in mind

If you notice anything dangerous please let the keyholder know