Organisation Unbound


Organization Unbound is an attempt to re-imagine the way we think about and engage in social change.

Sadaf Kashfi from Organization Unbound volunteered at the shed in 2012 and published an excellent insight into the community we call “The Shed”.

An Excerpt from Sadaf’s Paper

When approaching The Shed you will see a crudely organized junkyard of bikes stripped of all usable parts; high piles of tires and wheel rims stacked with some obscure algorithmic disorder; another pile of better looking bicycles, some with vital organs missing; all of this overshadowed by a two-story shed made from roofing iron and overfilled with more bicycles and parts.

Clustered around The Shed’s crude infrastructure toils a greasy, dirty, and at times dehydrated group of people, working on whatever surface available. For most onlookers it seems like an overcrowded and ill-lit communal garage of strange tools and parts that people have casually picked up and for one reason or another could not disengage from.

However, if you were to take a second look, you would realize that within the seeming chaos there is a small group of individuals who are more heavily covered in grease, incisively carrying parts and tools. More importantly, they are not working on a single bicycle but assisting others with repairs