Closed For Christmas and New Year

Hooray, it is Christmas and we have all gone on holidays. 

We will return on Sat 5th Jan 2019  (and Sun 6th Jan 2019)

Please have a safe and merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year.

The Bike Shed is an on-site group at CERES in Melbourne promoting cycling in the local community. It is run entirely by volunteers.

Our services are only available to our members: membership of the BikeShed is $10 per year, $5 for students and concession card holders and $15 for a whole family or household.

What do we do

We are NOT a bike shop! We teach people how to fix their own bikes, and provide tools for our members to fix their own bikes.

When are we open

Current opening hours:

Please arrive well before 3pm so you have time to fix your bike!

PUBLIC HOLIDAY NOTE: We generally do not open on public holiday weekends, however this depends on available volunteers. Unless you have been informed otherwise, assume we won't be there on public holiday weekends.

EXTREME WEATHER NOTE: We will not open the shed if the temperature is forecast to go over 37 degrees, or if exterme winds or rain are predicted. This is for everyone's safety.

There are also occasional BikeShed working bees and clean ups on other days of the week, but we cannot sell bikes or help with bike repairs on these days. We only help people with their bikes on Fri, Sat and Sunday when the shed is open.

Please wear appropriate clothing and do not bring your own tools!

The shed is chaotic and dirty place with grease covered items being carried around by very distracted people so your clothes will almost certainly get grease on them. Additionally, sharp, dangerous or heavy items are dropped every day and they might land on your feet. [Personal note: This has happened to me. It really hurts and I was wearing appropriate shoes]

Shoes: YOU MUST WEAR CLOSED SHOES. People whose feet are exposed will be asked to leave. Steel capped boots are recommended if you have them. Bare feet, sandals and thongs are absolutely not allowed.

Clothing: Please come in suitable old work clothes.

Tools : Do not bring your own tools - bringing your own tools to the shed is like taking your pet fish for a swim in the ocean; you will probably never see them again. People quite rightly consider all tools they see at the shed to be sheds tools, including your tools.