Material Donations

Our organisation relies on good quality donated bikes and bike parts. The bikes will be restored and repaired by our volunteers and sold at affordable prices to the public. We also work with other organisations to ensure your donations go to those that need them most!

Often bikes are beyond fixing. Recycling them, even for us, is a costly process. Some bikes are simply non-repairable by design. You can read about that here. Taking them directly to a transfer station can save us time and money. Please click here for a list we have compiled detailing waste transfer stations throughout Melbourne.

Map of transfer stations where junk bikes can be taken and recycled

Additionally, an excess of bikes leads to a messy environment, attracts thieves to the Bike Shed and that leads to an unhappy relationship with our landlord, CERES!

We are very happy to assess your suggested donations via email (send us a photo and your location) and we can direct you to the right place to take them.

If you spot two or more of the following characteristics, the bike should be taken to a waste transfer station: 

  • the bike is extra heavy
  • excessive rust and/or peeling paint
  • damage to the frame/fork
  • flimsy plastic components
  • suspension is stiff or won’t rebound
  • wheels don’t spin freely and/or wobble
  • the bike was bought from a supermarket such as Kmart or Big W (common brands are Huffy, Repco, Crane & Dunlop)
Excess dumped bikes

Good quality bikes are always welcome
Please drop off bicycles or parts during our opening hours. We recommend you drive into CERES through the Lee St entrance, which will get you closer to the shed. If we are not open then please prop them under the donations sign.

We cannot pick up donations
We are a small volunteer-run organisation and do not have the resources to pick up bikes.

Wish List for other material donations:
Good bikes and bike parts!
Rags (absorbent materials like old t-shirts)
Tea, coffee and shelf-stable snacks
Soy milk or a non-dairy creamer powder

Does your organisation need bikes?
If your organisation is in need of a large number of bikes, please send us an email to arrange a pick-up time. The bikes will be in as-is condition and not repaired. You may be able to specify broad categories of bikes that you want, depending on what’s on hand (eg. mountain bikes). Please be reliable with your allotted pick up time and make sure you have enough cargo space for the number of bikes requested.