Interested in Volunteering at the Bike Shed?
Great, we’d love to have your help!

I don’t know much, can I still help out?
Yes you can. Bicycle repair is difficult, but if you’re keen to learn and put in the effort, we can help you.

Where do I start?

  1. Read our Volunteer Handbook and Visit the Bike Shed to speak to the volunteers.
  2. The next induction is from 10am-12pm on 19/03/23. If you can attend, fill in the induction form and shoot any questions to
  3. Attend the induction, and meet your fellow new volunteers!

Advantages of Volunteering

Improve your bike repair skills – at the bike shed we think that learning comes from doing, and you’ll learn lots helping others with their bikes

Lunch is provided – we always stop and have lunch and we insist all volunteers have lunch with us and get a snack or two during the day.
This is partially to reward the volunteers for their time, but more importantly it gives the volunteers a much needed break and a chance to get to know the other volunteers.

Training days – periodically we have in-depth training days. Past topics have included three speed hubs and wheel building.

That warm fuzzy feeling from helping others and promoting bikes and building a better future.