Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a bike?
After you have fixed one of our recycled bikes, you may purchase it. More details are here

Can I fix my own bike?

Yes. Come to the shed when we are open, become a member, and then you can repair your own bike using our tools. Our volunteer mechanics can help or advise

Can you fix my bike for me?

No. We are not a bike shop and will not fix your bike for you. However, we will teach you to fix your bike.

I don’t want to get my hands dirty, have you got any bikes that don’t need repairs?

We rarely have bikes that need no work. We are not a bike shop and do not repair bikes. We teach people how to repair bikes.

Can my son/daughter come down and fix their bike?

All children under the age of 18 must be supervised by a legal guardian at all times and their guardian is responsible for their safety. We are not legally allowed to take on that responsibility.

This is because the shed is a busy and potentially hazardous place and we do not have the resources to provide younger people with the supervision they will require to have a safe and enjoyable time at the shed.

Can I sell you my old bike? Can I trade a bike?

No. We have found that paying for bikes and giving credits and discounts for bikes encourages bike thieves. We do not pay for bikes, or accept trade-ins for bikes or parts.

How can I help?

New volunteers are always welcome, no matter how much experience they have with bicycles. Just come down to the BikeShed and tell one of the volunteers you would like to get involved, or email newvolunteers@thebikeshed.org.au

How can I make a donation?

Donations are always welcome, but we prefer you drop off bicycles or parts during our opening hours of Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. If we aren’t open, just prop them against the door to the shed.

Can you pick up my donation?

Sorry, we do not have the resources to pick up bikes. If you cannot bring your bike to the bike shed, your local op-shop or men’s shed would possibly welcome the donation. Alternatively, list them on your local Freecycle, or Good Karma group

Do you have vintage parts / a frame in my size / fixie wheels / 26.8mm seatpost etc, etc, etc.

Maybe, maybe not. We have many, many parts and a small number of frames, but like a secondhand bookshop or trash and treasure market we do not keep a detailed inventory.

Please bring your bike with if you are looking for parts. We cannot be sure a part will fit your bike unless you bring the bike with you.

Can I borrow tools?

No, we do not lend tools. Tools are never to be taken off the premises by anyone, including BikeShed volunteers. There are no exceptions allowed to this policy.

Who runs the Bike Shed

The shed is run by “The Bicycle Recycle Shed Inc.”, Association Number A0054282G (VIC). We are an “on-site” group at CERES.

Who Built the Shed

The shed was built by the Bike Shed members over several years. The full story is here

Why are you closed on Holiday Weekends

The bike shed is entirely run by volunteers, and long weekends are the days when the volunteers like to get away from the bike shed, like, for a bike ride.  As a community run organisation, we are always looking for volunteers, so, please email New Volunteers <newvolunteers@thebikeshed.org.au> if you want to help out.