Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a covid safe plan?
Yes! You can review it here.

How do I purchase a bike?
Come to the bike shed when we are open on Saturdays (11am-4pm). We have recycled bikes for sale.

How can I pay?
Currently, we only accept payment by debit/credit card via EFTPOS. Cash is not accepted.

Do you sell kids bikes?
Yes! We tend to have a selection of kids bikes for sale. They are mostly 24″ (suitable for ages 8-11 years or 120-148cm) and tend to sell for between $20 and $100.

Can I sell you my old bike? Can I trade a bike?

No. We do not pay for bikes or accept trade-ins for bikes or parts.

How can I help?

New volunteers are always welcome, no matter how much experience they have with bicycles. Check out our volunteer page for more info.

How can I donate my bicycle or parts?

Donations are always welcome, but we prefer you drop off bicycles or parts when we are open. If we aren’t open, just prop them against the door to the shed. Before coming down, please have a look at our donations page.

Can you pick up my donation?

Sorry, we do not have the resources to pick up bikes. If you cannot bring your bike to the bike shed, your local op-shop or men’s shed would possibly welcome the donation. Alternatively, list them on your local Freecycle, or Good Karma group

Can I borrow tools?

No, we do not lend tools. Tools are never to be taken off the premises. There are no exceptions allowed to this policy.

Who runs the Bike Shed

The shed is run by “The Bicycle Recycle Shed Inc.”, Association Number A0054282G (VIC). We are a CERES on-site group.

Who Built the Shed

The shed was built by the Bike Shed members over several years. The full story is here