A few weeks ago, we successfully completed our first ever training course!

Over 8 Sundays, from 1pm to 5pm, 6 dedicated volunteers attended the training course designed and delivered by our master mechanic Terry (with some help from Sasha). Driven by his passion for teaching, Terry developed a fantastic and thoughtful program on how to fix, maintain, repair, and build bicycles. The few times that I attended, I was impressed by the amount of knowledge that Terry had, and his ability to provide simple explanations, comprehensive documentation, and physical examples on the complex principles that he was demonstrating.

I also want to thank the 6 volunteers who put up their hands to be willing guinea pigs for this Bike Shed experiment. From my perspective it has been amazing to see everyone develop their skills and knowledge on bicycle mechanics. I have seen many of them begin to connect the dots and confidently apply their knowledge in a practical way that inspires a sense of pride and dedication to their craft. I have also witnessed them share their new found knowledge with other volunteers at the shed, and through these actions, created a stronger sense of community and family.

Big thanks to Terry, Sasha, Anthony, Bec, Nick, Paloma, Tom, and Zoe for all your contributions!